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Check this item on the Auction....Visit our showroom.... Auction starts 01/12/2005.... Register now and you can win this lovely set for almost half price.

Normal Price LE 12000,--

Auction Start Price = LE 6000,--



You and other four participants will bid-by-net. You should first check this Auction Page before making your bid to see what the last bid-value reached. Accordingly,  make your bid at  by increments of LE 50,-- and its multiples only. If two or more participants bid for the same value, only the first bid-value will be taken into account. Hence, after the period of one week is reached from the start date, and at 12 noon, the auction will be closed and the winner will be announced.



1- The Aution must consist of five participants only. All participants must first register their names at ALSARAYA SHOWROOM and deposit LE 100,--, which later will be :-

(a) Deducted from the value of the item in case you are a winner.

(b) Totaly and immidiately refunded to you in case you do not win.

(c) Not refunded and confiscated in case you win the auction and fail to pay the rest value within 2 working days after the announcement. In this case, the auction will automatically be won by the next greatest bidder in row.

2- All participants must have their private e-mails. No e-mails other than the ones registered will be accounted for.

3- If non of the participants bidded any value over the start value, the auction will be cancelled.

4- Bidding increments are multiples of LE. 50,-- only, other increments will not be taken into account.


The Current Auction Session will be closed at12 noon
Current Session Bidding over7000
Previuos Session was settled for x2

(This means you may now bid over LE 7000,-- till 12 noon)

To know more, kindly visit us at Alsaraya Show Room...


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